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    28th January 2011 @ 5:48 pm

    Generally a solid post, [no author attribution displayed]. However, to say “UX design is largely a visual discipline…” is simply misleading. Visual design is one of many facets of user experience design. Human factors (cognitive psychology, ergonomics) are among the primary facets. The myth is that being a graphic design it UX design’s sibling. There is a lot of mis-representation resulting from mis-understanding, to be sure. Let’s please not perpetuate it. That said, I find the “it more than just skills” section so refreshing to read, as so accurate! It is, in fact, these “soft skills” that are sometimes the hardest, and most necessary, as so called UX designer’s are often design influencers, most of all. Thank you for publishing this.

  2. Neil Turner
    28th January 2011 @ 6:36 pm

    Perhaps “UX design is largely a visual discipline” probably isn’t the best choice of words. What I meant is that because people generally take in the majority of their input when using a interactive system visually, the visuals of any UX design are incredibly important. When I say visuals, I don’t just mean the aesthetics, but all the visual aspects of a design, such as whether a button looks clickable and whether text on a screen is legible. Of course the audio and haptics (sense of touch) are also very important for some systems, such as mobile phones. In these cases a good UX designer would also need to know a thing or two about good design practice in these areas as well.

  3. graphnick
    30th January 2011 @ 6:22 pm

    This is a really great list of attributes that make a great UX designer. Some things of which we could all improve on. Thank you.

  4. Jakub
    23rd April 2012 @ 8:04 am


    Because the UX discipline is quite broad, I think we can be a little more simple and general. I think the 6 essential qualities UX Expert must have are:

    – communication skills and persuasiveness
    – empathy
    – modesty
    – analytical thinking
    – creativity
    – hunger to learn new things

    I have explained this in my article here:


  5. Lakshmanan Palani
    19th January 2013 @ 3:12 pm

    Some more additions to my knowledge…

    Having domain knowledge is a Plus even though it is not a must. Without Domain knowledge it is quite difficult to dig into the hidden aspects of End Users expectations. Many times we need to ask questions to End Users to remind their Work situations!

    If know what Business Strategy means would helps UX designer in a great level to convince their design to clients and Business sponsors. UX designer should know to think like an Advertiser / Brand designer.

    Extensive observation of real time situations and how it enhanced the User experience on him/her-self would support to put oneself in end user shoes.

    Experience of ourselves as an End-User would be again a plus, say if I am a frequent traveler, I could bring a better User experience to apps of a Hospitality industry. (I know what you will say… 🙂 at least possible circumstances like social portals and generic web apps)…..The more we explore ourselves in using devices and applications would give us more ideas….

    The knowledge in Process of Industry that we work, to add value, and how to integrate with existing hierarchies and roles who are already implementing the User experience efforts knowingly or without Knowledge. UX designer at the end should able to communicate in some measurable amount of his efforts and its benefits.

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