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  1. Maaike
    14th October 2015 @ 7:46 am

    Heated seats are awesome, everyone needs those!
    1: If you have a convertible or any car where the roof opens in some way. Heated seats are the most effective to keep you warm when the sun is shining but the air is cold and you want to drive with the top off.
    2: I have an electric car (sue me, it’s awesome) so there’s no excess heat to fan into the car from the engine. Having a heater close to you safes energy because only the person gets heated instead of the whole car.
    And 3: Getting heated personally also safes my nose from getting dry in the warm car.

  2. Bidisha Roy
    22nd December 2015 @ 4:30 am

    Absolutely! Information overload has always been an issue with widespread implementation of a new technology. Even back in the 16th century, the great invention of the printing press soon overwhelmed the literate class, who felt lost within the massive amount of printed information it made available to them. Certainly they could not read it all, but how were they to choose what and what not to read? How were they to organize all that newly available knowledge? The solution was in the development of indices and appendices, encyclopedias, early libraries, etc. Basically, design-based organization. The digital world is struggling with the same issues today, and I believe new design solutions will be the key to reducing cognitive overload effects and facilitate decision-making. Spotify’s homepage has indeed become quite cluttered. One of its most glaring examples of overload is the “Genres & Moods” section at the bottom of the app’s home page. This includes a grid of 35 different options, with no visible search option within it, and an unclear method of content organization, which also makes for poor navigation. Certainly a more condensed layout of “Genres & Moods” which allows the user to search and navigate flexibly instead of having to scan through a grid of 35 arbitrarily placed items would greatly improve user experience. Many music-lovers (like myself) use the Spotify app as frequently as we use an internet browser. With this in mind, Spotify could learn from browsers with good UX. Just as Google Chrome allows users to customize their homepage or ‘New Tab’ page, Spotify could also offer home page customization, either for users to make from scratch or choose from a series of available templates.

  3. Vodki
    4th August 2016 @ 2:54 pm

    information overlord is taking us down…
    can’t choose movies,can’t choose what music to listen
    there is YouTube ,Deezer,TV,Radio,Cd’s,Spotify…
    What’s Solution ?!
    What Can i do ?
    i want to enjoy entertainment as past

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