Redesigning the Thomson Airways website

Thomson Airways plane

Thomson Airways is the world’s largest charter airline carrying tens of millions of passengers every year. Their primary booking channel is their website, so it’s imperative that it delivers a fantastic user experience.

I was the lead UX designer for an ambitious redesign of the Thomson Airways website. The redesign covered every part of the website, from search to booking and flight information. Working with a more junior UX designer, a graphic designer, a business analyst, the development team and the  product owner I lead and co-ordinated the UX for the entire redesign.

What did I do?

  • Carried out an audit of the existing Thomson Airways website to establish key content and user journeys.
  • Reviewed competitor sites, focusing on key pages and user journeys.
  • Analysed the site analytics to establish user information and to investigate popular tasks and content.
  • Carried out online card sorting using OptimalSort to test the proposed information architecture.
  • Created an Axure prototype covering key pages and user journeys (e.g. search).
  • Carried out multiple rounds of usability testing to evaluate the new design with users.
  • Worked with the graphic designer to establish the visual look and feel of the new pages.
  • Provided continual usability feedback to the development team during the build stage, including expert usability reviews and user experience sign off for pages.

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