Redesigning the booking process


Like most travel sites the booking process is the most important user journey on and Not only is it business critical, it’s also very complex, with numerous different options and pages that need to be presented depending on the type of holiday being booked.

I was the lead UX designer for an ambitious redesign of the booking process on both the First Choice and Thomson websites. I was tasked with improving the overall user experience, together with increasing the booking conversion rate and uptake of upsells and cross sells presenting within the booking process.

What did I do?

  • Reviewed analytics and feedback for the existing booking process to identify areas for improvement.
  • Carried out a competitor review of the booking process on similar travel sites.
  • Created user journeys to outline the different pages and options that a user could view.
  • Created comprehensive wireframes for the new design.
  • Created an Axure prototype for usability testing and for showcasing the new design to stakeholders within the organisation.
  • Carried out multiple rounds of face-to-face usability testing to evaluate the design with users.
  • Worked with the lead designer to establish the visual look and feel of the new pages.
  • Provided continual usability feedback to the development team during the build stage, including expert usability reviews and user experience sign off for pages prior to launch.

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