How I managed to kick the UCD habit & learn to love lean UX

Repeat after me. “Thou shalt always consider the user above all others. Thou shalt centre thy design around user needs and seek user feedback at every pass”.

User-centred design (UCD) is still very much the established dogma within the UX community. The idea that everything we do should be centred around the user. That user insights, feedback and participation should be sought wherever possible. But what if user-centred design is a false prophet? What if it’s not really the answer to all our UX hopes and dreams?

In this talk which I originally delivered at Cambridge 2015 I will take you through my own story of UCD love and then disillusionment. Of how I went from a UCD evangelist and devotee to embracing a new dogma – lean UX. I will share with you what caused my change of heart and hopefully open your eyes to the limitations – and sometimes even dangers – of UCD. Come hear my tale and find out why I’ve not only come to embrace lean UX over UCD, but implore others to do the same.